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My name is Leo Laporte. I am a US-based journalist specializing in technology coverage on radio, TV, and the Internet. This site is home to my blog and contains information about everything I publish, but I also have several other web sites you might be interested in.

I use OpenPGP encryption and signing on all my email. If it's not signed by me, it's not from me. And if you'd like to protect your email to me from prying eyes, install GNU Privacy Guard (gpg4win or GPGTools for the Mac) and import my public key. Search for it using the short ID B22D2CD5 or download and import my public key from this server. I create new keys regularly so be sure to use this key and not older versions. (This key is dated April 11, 2014 and identified as keybase.io/leolaporte)

LOL: The Life of Leo

Leoville News: Reflections on Independence Day

Dan Gillmor writing in the Guardian has it right… As we Americans watch our parades and fire up our grills this 4 July, the 237th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence – the seminal document of the United States – we should take the time to ask ourselves some related questions: how did we come […]

LOL: The Life of Leo

Latest Blog Post: LOL is Life of Lisa, too

My lovely Lisa Kentzell has created a new personal blog, The Life Of Lisa. The most recent post features some shots I took during our Presidents’ Day trail ride. I used my new Sony A7R with the Zeiss 55mm lens (one of only two available to date). Fortunately “old Joe” didn’t buck me off.