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Wednesday, 25 April 2001, 4:01 pm

Someone suggested that with his new look, Marty should join a boy band. As some of you remember, we created a boy band for the old Call for Help (I’m calling it Call for Help Classic). We aired their video once and managment informed us it was never to air again. Maybe if you listen to the MP3 of the song you’ll understand why!

Speaking of one shot appearances, Monday’s show aired only once. In a weird combination of errors, neither the master nor the backup tape of the show was mode. So we had nothing to re-air. We decided that the Pentium IV 1.7 Ghz benchmarks were important enough that we repeated the segment last night.

Bottom line: with current software the 1.7 is no faster than the 1.4 Ghz P4 and the current AMD Athlon 1.3 smokes ’em both. That may change when P4 optimized software comes out, but we don’t recommend a P4 at this time. Especially since it requires the dead-end RAMBUS memory.

When P4s work with standard DDR-RAM and P4 optimized software starts appearing, then it might be a good choice. But that’s at least six months off.


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  1. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:04 pm


    I kind of liked the idea of emale! I thought it was great, very funny. Management never knows what is good. Quick question, why hasn’t there been a poll on the main website asking about how everyone likes the changes with the programming? Are the suits scared to see what people say? Sorry to go off topic, but was just wondering.

  2. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:20 pm

    I doubt very much that they’d ever do a poll. That’s asking for trouble. On the other hand, they do a ton of focus group research, which would be a better way to find out what people really think.

    I think the e-mail we’re getting shows that the current TechTV audience might not universally love TechLive, but I’d guess that TechTV is more intrested in broadening the audience during the day while continuing to serve the core audience at night. (I’m speaking only for myself – I don’t pretend to know what the big guys are thinking.)

  3. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:32 pm


    Thanks for the reply! Always great to hear what you are thinking because you are the only reason I watch techtv.

    I still do not understand why they had to change the shows so much. I wish you were still on CFH and doing what you do best, teaching. I learned more from watching you on CFH and TSS than by taking any of my university courses. I am glad they wanted to have some changes, but the changes were just too drastic. Techlive is just too long and all the financial news is just depressing sometimes.

    I would love to have the opportunity to do what you do. I know it is hard work and takes a lot of time, but still, I would love it. I am getting the opportunity to teach a computer methods course at my university next year and I am so looking foward to that. I enjoy teaching, expecially teaching anything tech related. That is why I love you so much, you seem to enjoy teaching more than anything.

    Oh well, sorry for the rant. I sometimes have to remind myself that this is just a TV channel. Thanks again Leo!

  4. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:43 pm

    I’ve pitched a new show that might help. Stay tuned.

  5. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:48 pm

    Great Leo! I sure hope they take you up on it!!!! I am sure it would be great as long as you are going to be interacting with the people again.

    Another quick question for you. The course that I teach includes building a webpage. In the lab I am using, we have g3’s. What is the best wysiwig editor for the mac? I am a pc guy and just now becoming familiar with the mac.

    Thanks again (sorry about the double post)

  6. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:54 pm

    I use (and love) Dreamweaver from Macromedia. Other good choices include Adobe’s GoLive and the cheapie, Claris Homepage. All three are Windows or Mac, which is nice because the kids will be able to take their shills with them.

  7. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:57 pm

    Uh. Make that skills. I think.

  8. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:57 pm

    Hey i have a real media file of E-mail’s Download my love that i made when it aired.

    Leo any hints on that show you pitched what kind of show is it.

  9. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 4:58 pm

    Brandon – if you e-mail me the real media file I’ll post it here.

  10. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 5:01 pm

    I would love to see the media file of e-male! Like I said earlier, funny stuff! Thanks for the suggestions Leo. I will make sure that I teach the students some new shills (JK). Thanks so much.

  11. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 5:33 pm

    It’s amazing how forgetful people can be. I missed the first time you guys showed the 1.7Ghz segment, I’m glad I caught it again. I’ve been routing for AMD for along time, I think this is our greatest victory.

    don’t forget: launches on June 2, 2001.

  12. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 6:19 pm

    Dreamweaver is evil…EVIL!!! I have found Notepad to be the best for the work I do (ASP/JSP/Oracle/etc). Everybody buy a copy today! I have one for sale!

  13. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 6:22 pm

    The song is kind of catchy IMHO :). Who is the other “singer” :) in the song? I can tell one of them is good ole Marty.

    As for TechLive, It’s quite horrible. Long live ZDTV circa ’98-2000 !

    Take Care

  14. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 6:24 pm

    If you don’t want Notepad, but you have UNIX/Linux, you could also use:

    cat > filename

    from the command line.

  15. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 6:36 pm

    there is a poll asking what you think of TechLive, its on the interact page, which seems sort of odd to me. Seems that if they wanted a well rounded response, they would put it on the main page, but what do i know?

    Heres the link, now get clicking!

    Also, if the bigwigs idea is to broaden the audience during the day, I suppose its working, just finished hanging out in the TechLive chat room, where people were having a Win ME lovefest and complaining about the dull evening shows that were all geeky and boring.

    HELLO!!!! Whats the name of the channel again?

    And I’m officially sick of protestations of love for the ladies that work at TechTV, yeah, many are pretty, but i doubt they are gonna find the love of their life in the techtv chat rooms. And if one of them does, I’m hoping it isnt the phrase “She’s a hottie” (or something cruder) that sparks the passion.

    Sorry, its what i get for logging on during the day 8^)

    Wheee, leo’s pitching a show!

    And is it me, or has The Screen Savers gotten back some of its magic?

  16. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 7:09 pm

    Oh yeah, Napster users, dont forget to put Download My Love in the right music folder…. lets spread the wealth!

  17. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 7:31 pm

    Dang well so far the poll is:

    I love it!


    There’s room for improvement


    Bring back the reruns!


    vote people not like they will look at it but do it anyways, Latez.


  18. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 7:37 pm

    Senor Laporte:

    What are the tickets in your pocket for?

  19. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 7:51 pm

    Looks like baseball tickets to me. Maybe the SF Giants.

  20. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 7:54 pm

    Yep. Giants-Reds, first pitch 7:35 tonight. Woo hoo!

  21. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 7:57 pm

    Hey its on TV here(Cincinnati) maybe i’ll see ya, if your sitting right

    behind the plate..:)

  22. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 7:59 pm

    Useless Fact of the Day #1: The SF Giants began their baseball history here in Troy, NY, as the Troy Haymakers. They later moved to New York, where it was felt that a baseball team would be more profitable, and then, in the late 1950’s, to San Francisco.

    Useless Fact of the Day #2: “Leoville” is an anagram of “Evil Leo L.” Think about it, won’t you? Or not.


    -Who doesn’t think Leo is evil, but perhaps hiding his evil is the most evil deception of all….

  23. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 8:00 pm

    What? No XFL tickets?

  24. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 8:03 pm

    Totally useless fact!

    The Cincinnati Reds for a time in the 1950’s changed their name to the Cincinnati red legs, to avoid being labeled communists 😉

  25. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 8:03 pm

    Leo, I thought you and Pat were very gracious about the “error” that happened with the live show that didn’t get recorded…. Man-o-man I bet a few choice words were heard that night, but you guys were nice to take it so calmly on the air. I do like the repeats of TSS, so I hope they get the bugs worked out and have a better accountability for recording…. we are moving to a “server based” playback for our shows, but even then, stuff doesn’t always “record” even if it says it is. I hope the tape room and the Master COntrol will all be rolling on the show with a couple backups from now on, tape is cheap and can be recycled…. with all that hard work you put into the 90 minute show it deserves to air a whole bunch of times! As for the show you’re pitching, good luck! I’ll be staying tuned in to fine out the details later on. More Leo, More Leo…. Yay!

  26. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 8:31 pm

    Does anyone else hate that new TechLive anchor Stacee (she’s African American)? She seems to say the stupidiest, most obvious comments constantly. I have never disliked a host on TechTV or ZDTV, but this woman just makes me want to change the channel everytime I hear her voice.

  27. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 8:49 pm

    “Hate” is a pretty strong word….

  28. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:07 pm

    WOOOOO HOOOOO,who ya going with leo,

    bruce M

  29. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:11 pm

    Goin’ to the Giants game Leo? Saw the tickets in your shirt pocket on your netcam pic. I live in Boston but was in SFO last June and went to a game at Pac Bell. It’s such a nice park and tops Fenway. The “Old Navy Splash Landing” is a great feature and is actually the background on my computer. Who they playing when you go? Go SOX!!!

  30. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:39 pm

    hi leo,

    say heelo to scott for me thanks

  31. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:40 pm

    Good to see you bloggin on the set! You look spiffy today, almost too professional!

  32. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:42 pm

    Oh yea, hope you have fun tonight at the game. Love baseball, but I am a yankees fan (since birth). Bonds is awesome though and dusty can manage as good as anyone!

  33. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:54 pm

    I was out with friends on Monday night so I had set the VCR to tape the live show. Little did I know it would be another lost episode! I see a huge black market for these tapes forming someday, or at least a following on eBay. 😉

    That list from WinFix is quite nice, very concise. I got rid of 80% of the problems I was having with crashes about a year ago when I stopped running the types of utilities they’re talking about. How on earth would a newbie suspect that a program called “Crash Protector” actually causes crashes? Like “mandatory option” or “free gift”, it’s just another puzzlement of the English language.

    You are way dapper in your purple shirt and tie, Mr. L!

    Spring Smooches,


  34. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:56 pm


    Have fun at the game. I am not much of a baseball fan, but I do support the Tigers. I am more of a Hockey guy, unfortunately the Red Wings bowed out of the playoffs early.

    TechTv needs a new show, hope your idea goes through.

    Jason Joyce

  35. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 9:59 pm

    Hey Leo,

    Just wanted to ket you know i hope your new show idea works!

  36. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 10:00 pm

    Hey Leo,

    Just wanted to let you know i hope your new show idea works!

  37. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 10:14 pm

    How can he be going the game tonight? The game is at 7 and that’s what time the ScreenSavers are on.

  38. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 10:19 pm

    the show is at 4 his time

  39. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 10:21 pm

    Yay! So much good conversation today! So forgive me as I say a little on each bit. =)

    1) Please send Leo the eMale video so that we can see it!!!!

    2) Notepad RULES! Down with WYSIWYGs!!! =)

    3) Yay Baseball! My most favorite sport ever. And for the first time in a LONG time, Minnesota (where I live) has lots to celebrate concerning baseball! The Twins don’t **** and this summer Kirby Puckett (my favorite player of all-time and the most popular guy in Minnesota) and Dave Winfield (St. Paul native and one-time Twin) are being inducted into the Hall of Fame! I REALLY wanna go to Cooperstown for the induction, but I don’t think it’s gonna work out. =(

    4) Hate is a very strong word, use with caution.

    5) Leo’s pitching a new show!! Yay! But I’m moving in a week and won’t be able to afford cable, so I won’t be able to watch TSS anymore, let alone Leo’s new show if it ever comes to air. :~( So Leo, you have to make the Show Notes REALLY REALLY COOL!!!!

    ~Rosemary =)

  40. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 10:39 pm

    i sent leo the e-mail video.i will make a site with it on it and a couple fridge pix i have had on the show.

    Leo could you help me i tried to get on techtv today with no luck (joshua wouldn’t let me on cause it hadn’t been “30days”) i have a file *.prn i got it by using the print to file feature (file> print [x] print to file. how can i print this file to a usb printer. thanks for your help.

  41. Anonymous on April 25th, 2001 11:58 pm


    I hope the show you pitch makes it… I’m a producer, so I know a little about how that can be (okay, I’m a local news producer, but hey… it sounds good, okay??) But I’ve been watching TechTV long enough to know you know what you’re doing and let’s face it–your shows are the most popular without question!

    On a slightly different note, I do like TechLive. It wouldn’t be good if they were replacing anything other than reruns (and that’s what the VCR is for) but even I got sick of seeing the same things over and over (and I work overnight, so I don’t get to watch the shows the first time around). Still, it does need a little work, and I have noticed some subtile changes. It does seem a little disorganized, tho. One suggestion: tell the producers not to rush people so much when there are thing to talk about! I’ve been in the chat room and watching when there are topics people are really interested in, but whoever is talking just has to say “well, we’re out of time, gotta go.” I can just hear some producer (or line producer, whoever’s wearing the headset) screaming WRAP! They have to learn to let it go when people are interested, and not worry about the format so much. Just MHO, you know..

    Again, hope the show you pitched makes it! Details would be good (you know we’re all curuous as heck here)! CFH just isn’t the same without ya!


  42. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 1:10 am

    Hey Leo,

    Glad to hear your pitching a new show. Like a previous post mentioned, I’ve learned more from you than I have in some of my college courses. I hope that most of the people who visit Leoville have voted at the Techtv interact page. It took alot of complaining on the message boards to get this poll up and we need everybody to participate. Thanks

    Have fun at the game..

  43. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 1:40 am

    k click my name to see the site i made so you can download the e-mail download my love video from call for help. and other pix i had.

  44. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 1:44 am

    eMale rules! I’m off to download it right now…

  45. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 1:49 am

    Hey Brandon, I couldn’t get the link for the video to work. :( Might want to check into that.

  46. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 1:51 am

    fixing it now

  47. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 1:57 am

    should be fixed now

  48. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 1:59 am


    Thanks for the link to the DOS tool.

    I hope a lot of people get a use from it.

    Also, please have fun at the game with ur family.

    U deserve it!

    U ROCK!

  49. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:19 am

    Whoever posted the e-male stuff, thanks! Thanks is the stuff I miss, the corney, stupid skits like that. That was great

  50. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:19 am

    Leo’s in the “Download My Love” video!!!! YEAH! GO LEO!

  51. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:50 am

    I saw that segment and I found eMale to sound absolutely terrible and the video to be completely ridiculous. Saying that, however, I can honestly tell you I LOVED the eMale segment. Why? Because it shows the extra effort Martin and Becky went for a segment. They could easily have just TOLD us what to do to get a music file out there to people usuing yada yada yada. But would it have as much impact? I think not! They went the extra mile and actually did the whole process. Very impressive! More proof that Martin is one of the Screen Saver’s greatest assets. His enthusiasm is fantastic and it rubs off on the viewers.

  52. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:59 am

    Leo, I love the show. Could you e-mail me at I would like to get a autograph. I downloaded the dml song. I like it, its my new theme song. Is that Martin and Roger singing? I agree with you on the Athlon. It is just as good as the P4 or P3 but much cheaper.

  53. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:59 am

    Leo, I love the show. Could you e-mail me at I would like to get a autograph. I downloaded the dml song. I like it, its my new theme song. Is that Martin and Roger singing? I agree with you on the Athlon. It is just as good as the P4 or P3 but much cheaper.

  54. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:59 am

    Leo, I love the show. Could you e-mail me at I would like to get a autograph. I downloaded the dml song. I like it, its my new theme song. Is that Martin and Roger singing? I agree with you on the Athlon. It is just as good as the P4 or P3 but much cheaper.

  55. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 3:35 am

    Well now at least we know where the fridge picture of Leo with the womans body came from!

    I think my lucid dreams will be nightmares for a bit over that one…

    Now i start putting the song on compilation CD’s I burn for friends… hee hee hee!

  56. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 3:40 am

    wow! triple postings??? also marty’s new look is no good. where’s our marty beard? loved todays show. fix windows? i need that i hate windows me that came with my emachine. things randomly dissapear from the system tray and don’t work when i find them (like the volume control) now it won’t recognize double clicks!!! i want my 277 dollars back from bill!!!!

  57. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 3:41 am

    Sorry to follow myself.. again..

    But in re-reading Leos entry, I noticed that he said that managemnet said that this video would never air again.

    Is it me, or is that part of the problem? This video has proven to be very popular with fans, seems like they would want to air things that the fans enjoyed.

    Dont get me wrong, it, and things like it shouldnt be on all the time, or even frequently, but its a nice treat, a good belly laugh, and general good fun.

    I also agree, call For Help Classic is a great way to refer to the Leo years, it seperates, yet doesnt put down the efforts of Becky and Scott, as well as the people working behind the scenes to make it the best show they can within the present framework.

  58. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 4:16 am


    This is a little off the subject but, I was wondering if you like space and images of the Earth from space? If so I have a challenge for you, go to and see if you can see TechTv HQ.

    Have fun and a good evening,


  59. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 4:46 am

    this is odd. i posted a question asking if anyone had the results of each test at a website . instead i find it wasn’t posted. is there censorship here ? i just want the results so i can show a friend. i can’t watch tvtech for a little while. i am visiting a friends house and his cable company (comcast ) doesn’t carry tech tv :( .


  60. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 5:25 am


    I dont know why your question didnt post, however, if you want a timely response why dont you try the techtv chatroom, sems liek it would be a better place for quick feedback of a technical nature

  61. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 9:38 am

    Just A qucik question anybody know who “sassyangel83″ (mentioned in the song)is?

  62. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 9:40 am

    Opps sassyangel82

  63. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:11 pm

    actually i didn’t make that pic of leo on a womans body, i just thought it was funny and captured it from the tv.

  64. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 2:19 pm

    Leo or anyone else who remebers this:

    What is the link to the program that you use to open up multiple connections to a server. You mentioned it on Wednesday’s show and I can’t find the link

    anywhere for it.


  65. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 4:05 pm

    Mark, i use it to and it is a good Download Manager.


  66. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 5:03 pm


    I agree! I have an AMD Athlon 1.1 and don’t currently see any need for anything faster! My last 3 computers were all AMD! I always had Intel before, but since my friend built my first AMD (back before the original AMD chip went public), I have been hooked on AMD!

    Also, looking forward to the new show you pitched! Coming from you, it’s got to be great! I hope they decide to use your ideas!

    Brandon Clark: Thanks for the link! I had missed that segment with the E-Male!

    Jeanette: PLEASE email me! I forgot to set my VCR Monday! I thought I’d catch the rerun, and oh well, you know what happened! I’d like to get a copy of Mondy’s show from you if you don’t mind! 😉 THANKS!

  67. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 6:07 pm

    No, offense but DreamWeaver is terrible, I know Leo hates it but I use FrontPage 2000 — works great. I use Macromedia Flash 5 though.

  68. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 6:29 pm

    Sorry about that. I only ment to post it once.

  69. Anonymous on April 26th, 2001 7:24 pm

    Hey leo thanks for taking my question about printing a .PRN file to usb printer today on techlive. the program you sugested didn’t work cause it uses dos and you have to have your printer on LPT1. i looked some more and couldn’t find any other programs that would print the ,prn to usb printer.

    Any other ides would be appreciated.

    i use frontpage 2000 casue i got it a a christmas gift a while ago. its been great for me.

    And would you believe that in 18 hours of posting my site with only a link in this weblig to it i have had 50 unique visits.

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