Leo’s Twitter Updates for 2008-10-03

Friday, 3 October 2008, 11:59 pm

  • Is that Alex Wellen of TechTV’s Cybercrime on CNN? Cool! #
  • @rob356 I’ve moved the icecast stream to its final location: http://twit.am/live – port 80 or 8000. You’ll need an icecast compatible player #
  • Can I call you Mrs.Palin? #
  • Palin never met a g she couldn’t drop. Bet she says “nu-cu-ler” too. #
  • Did she say “Senator O’Biden?” #
  • Nu-cu-lar! Bingo. #
  • Let’s get a dose of reality from the meth capital of Alaska. #
  • @flargh Carter was a nuclear engineer – did he really pronounce it wrong??? #
  • Well I guess he did! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nucular #
  • Did Ifill just ask them what their Achilles Heel is? Yeah sure they’re goin’ to answer that. #
  • Right on Joe Biden! #
  • Joe Biden choking up was the pivotal moment. That and Palin’s jaunty wink. #
  • “He is the man we need to leave.” #
  • @sloarch07 So say the Alaska State Troopers: 42 meth labs busts last year alone. http://snipurl.com/41cv5 #
  • Palin’s supporters must be breathing a deep sigh of relief at this point. I can assure you Biden supporters are. #
  • Biden may have won on points, but I’m afraid Palin won on style. Not my style, but she sure was spunky. That will sway some. #


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